The Mission Teachers Union has published their candidate “report card”. Each candidate running for school trustee was given a number of questions and asked to respond. Their responses were recorded and a group of teachers graded them.

Click here to see the document.



The following candidates were brought forward by Scott Susin, a teacher from Mission.

  • Scott Young
  • Rick McKamey
  • Edie Heinrichs
  • Jim Taylor
  • Shelley Carter


The following candidates were brought forward by Mel Harris, a teacher from Mission.

  • Jim Taylor: brings experience as a current board member and former teacher who worked in special ed/alternate ed.
  • Kathleen MacKillop: She’s a new voice who will bring a fresh perspective. She has experience working with marginalized youth, particularly First Nations, and will advocate for better services.
  • Phil Cooper: He has a vision for the district. He has practical skills to further this vision, both as a tradesperson and a former trades teacher. He has the connections needed to network and bring increased apprenticeship/partnership opportunities to the district.
  • Scott Young: A strong parent voice. He listens to parent concerns and respectfully brings them forward. He has been active in the district as a PAC chair for Summit and DPAC co-chair. He values consultation and transparency and will hold the board accountable.
  • Shelly Carter– I don’t know much about her; she’s a rural trustee, but Scott vouches for her.